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Remove Impurities from Water with RO+UV Water Purifier


Drinking water is essential, but what matters is that you consume the best quality of potable water, rich in essential nutrients. Different people have different opinions regarding the quality of water they want to consume, but the best is water from an RO Water Purifier, that passes not only through the Reverse Osmosis process but the UV and UF Filtration process as well. Here’s why!

When you buy a water purifier that is enabled with an RO Membrane as well as a UV Filter, you’re promising yourself and your loved ones, healthy drinking water. This is because the RO Membrane and UV Filter together get rid of every kind of chemical, impurity, bacteria and solids that can prove to be detrimental to your health.

The RO Membrane is a microporous semi-permeable sheet which blocks out the smallest of impurities. The thin TFC membrane is known for eliminating contaminants like chlorine, copper, lead, arsenic, mercury and more. The UV Filtration process involves disinfecting the water by killing pathogens of bacteria and viruses like E.coli, giardia and others, which are the primary cause of water-borne illnesses.

This entire process of removing harmful elements from water with an RO Water Purifier is extremely effective because the thin Reverse Osmosis membrane removes 95%-99% of all impurities and is extremely economical too. If you’re worried that it may also eliminate essential nutrients, buy water purifier that is enabled with a TDS Controller and Mineraliser Technology, which adds back lost minerals and nutrients, for best health benefits.

The UV Technology too, succeeds in preventing bacteria from breeding, does it with minimum energy consumption and is also chemical free.

An RO Water Purifier is also reasonably priced and requires very low maintenance.

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